The challenges presented in this market created the opportunity for the company to form partnerships and ensure business expansion to bridge the gap in the sub-acute industry. This lead to the proud announcement of the merger and empowerment of Clayton House and Care@Midstream to launch the Clayton Care Group in partnership with Khulasande Capital Partnership II (“Khulasande”) as a sustainable and affordable quality with a focus on quality patient care. 

Khulasande, a partnership between the Entrepreneurship Development Trust and Investec Limited, have identified that the future growth in the healthcare industry will be based on these principles and have provided growth capital for the merged group to expand into a national footprint.

The regional footprint includes Clayton House and Care@Midstream which are industry leaders in the delivery of a wide spectrum of sub-acute rehabilitation healthcare services including orthopaedic, neurological, medically complex and ventilated patients.

The multi-disciplinary approach is in line with the vision of healthcare funders as they endeavour to manage escalating healthcare costs, while trying to ensure optimum outcomes for patients.

Early rehabilitation post-acute care is a cornerstone of the treatment pathway in the journey from the acute hospital to home.