The ClaytonCare Group is an innovation healthcare services provider that is aware of the costs associated with the industry. Therefore, the group endeavours to deliver an opportunity for early rehabilitation of the medically complex patient, the ventilated patient and the post-surgery recovery patient.

We pride ourselves in having two centres of excellence; Clayton House and Care @ Midstream. Both have accredited High Care facilities and Clayton House has an ICU facility. This enables both Care@Midstream and Clayton House to provide equal nursing and medical care to our patients.

We are a cost-effective point of convergence for the final journey from hospital to home. We always strive to achieve the best outcomes possible and to provide high quality nursing care.  We aim educate and empower families during life changing events affecting their loved ones.

We believe we are leaders in developing systems to assist the healthcare industry in managing costs yet achieving proper outcomes. We strive to provide centres of excellence that not only provide medical care but have a fully integrated rehabilitation team of therapists; including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Dietician, Psychologist for emotional support of patient and family and a Social Worker.

This integrated team provides individual therapy with the goal of reintegration into the community, minimizing the burden of care on the caregivers.

To Define the parameters of reference the following is a summary definition of Sub Acute Care

“Sub-Acute care is a comprehensive and cost-effective inpatient program for patients who have had an acute event as a result of illness, injury or the exacerbation of a disease process; have a determined course of treatment and do not require extensive diagnostic procedures. The patient’s condition requires physician direction, nursing care and ancillary services in an outcomes-focused interdisciplinary approach to deliver complex medical and/or rehabilitation outcomes” (The International Subacute Healthcare Association (ISHA).”

Vision and Values

To partner with Service providers to empower the lives of the client by prioritising their independence, hopes and quality of life whilst supporting those that support them.

To provide quality care in the fields of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Medically complex Rehabilitation, Ventilator Care and Rehabilitation through a multi-disciplinary team approach.

To promote patient rights, autonomy, dignity, self-worth, independence and involvement;

To embrace advanced technology in order to maximise patient independence, enhance therapeutic benefits and promote clinical, financial and environmental accountability.

To draw on the collective strength of our professional colleagues by protecting, developing and nurturing our employees and ethically promoting the services of colleagues contributing to holistic care.


The challenges presented in this market created the opportunity for the company to form partnerships and ensure business expansion to bridge the gap in the sub-acute industry. This led to the proud announcement of the merger and empowerment of Clayton House and Care@Midstream to launch the Clayton Care Group in partnership with Khulasande Capital Partnership II (“Khulasande”) as a sustainable and affordable quality with a focus on quality patient care.

Khulasande, a partnership between the Entrepreneurship Development Trust and Investec Limited, recognized that the future growth in the healthcare industry will be based on these principles. They provided growth capital for the merged group to expand into a national footprint. The regional footprint includes Clayton House and Care@Midstream, which are industry leaders in the delivery of a wide spectrum of sub-acute rehabilitation healthcare services. The multi-disciplinary approach is in line with the vision of healthcare funders as they endeavour to manage escalating healthcare costs, while trying to ensure optimum outcomes for patients.

Early rehabilitation post-acute care is a cornerstone of the treatment pathway in the journey from the acute hospital to home.

The ClaytonCare Group announced on the 1st of November 2018 that  with effect from the 1st September 2018, Long4Life Limited (https://www.long4life.co.za/ ), a public company listed on the JSE Limited, has become the controlling shareholder of ClaytonCare Group.


Long4Life was listed on the JSE Limited in April 2017 and is headed by the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of The Bidvest Group Limited – Mr Brian Joffe. Long4Life is an investment company that has a mandate to make quality acquisitions within the leisure and lifestyle industries. Since its Listing in 2017, Long4Life has aggressively pursued its growth and has acquired interests in the areas of personal care and wellness, beverages and sport and recreation.

These businesses have many well-known brands, including Sorbet, Sportsmans Warehouse, Outdoor Warehouse, Score energy drink, Fitch & Leeds and many more.  Long4Life acquires equity interests in businesses with a track record of success which generate good cash flow.

Long4Life has now assembled a collection of leading brands with attractive growth opportunities, established market positions, and are led by entrepreneurial management. Companies need to fall into the lifestyle segment of the South African market, can be easily streamlined and fit-in with a decentralised nature of the Long4LIfe management’s style.


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