The ClaytonCare Group

We are an innovative healthcare service provider that focuses on delivering an opportunity for early rehabilitation of the medically complex patient, the ventilated patient and the post-surgery recovery patient.

We pride ourselves in having two centres of excellence; Clayton House and Care@Midstream. Both have accredited High Care / Ventilated facilities. This enables both Care@Midstream and Clayton House to provide equal nursing and medical care to our patients.

We always strive to achieve the best outcomes possible and to provide high quality nursing care. We aim to educate and empower families during life changing events affecting their loved ones.

Group Structure

Clayton House is a Rehabilitation Hospital with the reputation for dealing with patients requiring Ventilator Rehabilitation and Weaning Programs, Medically Complex Rehabilitation and low GCS patients, TBI, CVA, and Orthopedic.

Care@Midstream is a sub-acute facility that specializes in the Rehabilitation of Medically Complex Patients, Neurological Rehabilitation (CVA, TBI and More), Post Operative, Orthopeadic and General Rehabilitation.