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Clayton House is a member of the ClaytonCare Group. We provide centres of excellence for medically complex rehabilitation with the focus on Sub-Acute Rehabilitation healthcare services including Orthopaedic, Neurological, Medically Complex and Ventilated patients.  The facility provides High Care, ICU, Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation wards with a global tariff or a fee for service agreement with funders.

Clayton House was established over 10 years ago as an independently owned Rehabilitation Hospital with the reputation for dealing with patients requiring Ventilator Rehabilitation and Weaning Programs, Medically Complex Rehabilitation and low GCS patients. In addition, Clayton House is also known for being equipped for rehabilitation for TBI, CVA, Orthopedic and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation.


  • Ventilator Rehabilitation and Weaning Programmes
  • High Intensity Medical Care and Rehabilitation
  • Integrated Rehabilitation for Low Response Patients
  • Wound care and Pressure Sore Management
  • Sub-Acute Care and Rehabilitation
  • 24-hour nursing and medical care
  • Isolation
  • ICU care
  • Active rehabilitation with multi-disciplinary team


  • Network Case Manager

  • Admission Case Manager

  • Internal Case Manager

  • Nursing Manager

  • Registered Specialist Physician

  • Therapy Manager

  • Physiotherapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Speech Therapists

  • Dieticians

  • Social Worker

  • Registered on site Pharmacist

  • Consulting Clinical Psychologist

  • Nursing and Care workers

  • Wound Sister

Our Goals

Providing centres of excellence that support the patient and their family through their journey to wellness from acute hospitalisation to a safe discharge.

Advocating health awareness and patient satisfaction by creating better service provision in the healing environment on an in-patient basis.

Building trusting and lasting relationships with service providers to ensure that the best service possible is provided.

To be an authoritative presence – covering the competitive bases of Orthopaedic cases, TBI’s, Ventilated patients as well as ICU and High Care cases.

To provide full therapy services with full assessments on admission, therapy programmes condition specific, spinal groups, medical and therapy reports on a weekly basis. Providing family meetings for education and discharge planning guidance. Designated rehab ward, ICU, HC.

Ensuring a smooth transition from acute hospitalisation to sub-acute transfer with Network case management assistance.

Providing a goal-oriented Multi-Disciplinary Approach*: Within 48 hours of admission, patients are evaluated by our skilled multi-disciplinary team.


*Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Once the initial assessment is complete, the team develops an individualized treatment plan, sets rehabilitation goals and establishes a projected discharge date. The patient’s multi-disciplinary team holds weekly meetings to discuss and evaluate the patient’s progress and ongoing care.  Family members are encouraged to be active participants in the rehabilitation process – They are invited to attend therapy sessions and formalized training classes in preparation for the care of the patient upon discharge. During the team meetings, family members are encouraged to ask questions and express any concerns they may have about their loved ones progress, discharge and at-home care needs.


  • Parking

  • 24-hour security

  • Wi-Fi

  • Rehabilitation gymnasium

  • Pharmacy

ClaytonCare Group Presents Clayton House


43 Jolly Street, Bellevue East, Johannesburg, 2198

+27 11 023 1240

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