Ms Pestana

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and all the hospital staff members at Clayton House.

As a patient you can feel vulnerable and must rely on the contact of the nurses and support staff for consistent treatment of your medical issues, and emotions, as they occur. The doctors and nurses who treated me offered an excellent delivery. I felt a part of the decision-making process. Answers to any questions I had were given in terms I could comprehend. My doctor visits were at a consistent time of day, and the nurses came promptly and regularly to monitor all aspects of my medical needs. If they were not prompt, due to events happening elsewhere on the floor, I received an apology and their undivided attention upon arrival.

In addition, I was very impressed with the dignity and respect the nursing staff extended to all their patients at their facilities on the floor regardless of the circumstances they encountered. The Doctors and Nurses Team were also professional and gave confidence to the patients.

Every morning the team would arrive with kindness, compassion, and professionalism as they begin their shift. Their positive attitude towards their patients, really give you a good genuine feeling inside that they are so invested in your journey to recovery. This, I believe contributed significantly to my recovery process.

The Nurses that were assigned to me on a previous day would make the effort to reconnect with me, stopped to say hi or simply wave or smile which only made me feel like everyone was truly supporting me through my recovery.

In today’s world we so often hear the negatives or lack of compassion received when been treated by a medical profession, but not this time. To all the staff at Clayton House, thank you so much for everything you did to see me through my recovery and back to 100 % health. You are all invaluable to both the community and Clayton House, each and every day.

Kind Regards,
Ms V.Y Pestana

Thank you for everything!

 You guys are very professional and welcoming. I have actually recommended for my niece’s mom to come to you. She has unfortunately also just broken her hip.